EnterpriseOne® is an ERP platform serving small, medium and big businesses and which fully meets the requirements of our customers. It is easy to use and provides complete control over key business processes such as Purchasing, Sales, Warehouse Management, Production, Accounting and Finance. The innovative technology allows us to develop additional solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of each individual customer, all the while maintaining the seamless transition to new versions./span>

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SBS Service Desk

The complete service solution we offer includes:

Web Service Desk

WEB application

Mobile Service

APP application

Виж повече

Cloud services

A complete business solution for synchronization and collaboration in the cloud.

Stores all confidential business data in one secure place - accessible only to people with the appropriate rights.

Facilitates collaboration and communication between departments and teams.

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Mobile Seller

Mobile Seller е  specialized application for & nbsp; perform ex-van sales, order collection and payment reporting.

The application is fully synchronized with EnterpriseOne® and allows access to up-to-date information anywhere and anytime.

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Business Intelligence
We help you minimize the risks of making business decisions.

There are three main business reasons for investing in digital transformation:

• Increase efficiency and reduce costs

• Improving marketing and sales

• Offering a unique customer experience

To achieve these goals, the Business Intelligence solution will help you & ndash; a set of methodologies and practices for information analysis, allowing better decision-making in an organization. Together we will create basic reports and analyzes, providing an in-depth look at the most important data of your business..

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As business consultants, we do not just offer software, but a complete business and IT solution, supported by our expert services.

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